Welcome to a 4-month journey exploring strategic insights and skills to reimagine our world beyond the pandemic.


    Visions for Change is providing learning, support and networking opportunities free and open to all (see program schedule below). In the spirit of the gift economy, we encourage and invite you to contribute to at least one of the organizations below, which have been selected by our community for doing crucial work around the globe providing relief in hard-hit communities.

    You can learn more about them and donate by visiting their websites below.


    If you can't afford to 'pay it forward' - forward it! By creating visibility for this opportunity with your network you contribute as well. We trust that everyone will give as much as they can, in different ways, to the communities that matter most to them.


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    Strengthening Communities in Peru

    Our purpose is to improve the quality of life in neighbourhoods at social risk. We do this by strengthening the community fabric, transforming the physical environment and the life trajectory of its inhabitants.

    Strengthening Afro-Brazilian Entrepreneurs

    Dos Afros Pro Mundo (From Afros To The World) is a new initiative giving visibility and support to black informal workers, afro entrepreneurs and innovative businesses and organizations that contribute to racial and social equality.

    Strengthening the Maasai Community and Land

    Nashulai is the first indigenous Maasai owned, founded, governed, and managed conservancy in East Africa: a unique community conservancy devoted to restoring the sustainability of people, wildlife, and place.

    Supporting Street Children and the Mathare Community

    The social enterprise Nai Nami transforms criminal street kids from Nairobi’s slums into storyteller guides who make tourists experience Nairobi through the eyes of a street child. Now they help street families and elders in the Mathare slum by distributing food, masks and sanitizer.

    Supporting Mental Health in India

    The purpose of Mithra ( friend in Sanskrit) is to provide mental health information, and tools, in a way that a peer would. Mithra promotes understanding, empathy, and connectedness by providing safe spaces both online and offline for people to express themselves, introspect, and feel a sense of belonging.


    To support Mithra Trust from outside India, please donate via Amani Institute's PayPal.

    Supporting Vulnerable Families in India

    Yein Udaan (YU) builds learning-entrenched communities in the southern Indian city of Chennai. They create safe spaces in low-income communities and provide a diverse range of learning opportunities that are otherwise inaccessible by these strata of society.


    How will careers change because of the pandemic? From life-design to virtual team-building, mental health support to the sustainability canvas, there is much change and even disruption on the horizon. Join us in May to explore what the 'future of impact work' looks like. Find the right opportunity for you and your team here.


    Week 2: May 14 | 2pm - 3:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    Perspectives from the ground: Six organizations share their work providing Covid-19 relief efforts in diverse communities and challenging circumstances.

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    Week 3: May 21 | 2pm - 3:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    ROUNDTABLE: Careers of Change - how can you build a career for the post-covid era and the future of impact work? (See speaker profiles below) Host: Pauline Ndonga, Senior Program Manager, Amani Institute

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    Week 4: May 28 | 2pm - 3:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    SKILL PILLS: Ready to make a move? Managing your Career during Disruptive Times

    Instructor: Arjun Sashidhar, Program Manager, Amani Institute

    RSVP - limited seats

    Hosted by: Pauline Ndonga

    Amani Institute

    Senior Program Manager Kenya

    Satyam Vyas

    Arthan Careers

    Co-founder and CEO

    Catalina Rojas


    Director of Innovation

    Colombia / USA

    Dr. Vincent Ogutu

    Strathmore University

    Vice Chancellor Designate

    Nicole Winchell



    Germany / USA


    2020 began with wildfires destroying a continent, and yet that seems a lifetime ago, doesn't it? Because nature was just getting started. Our signature Bio-Empathy program at Amani Institute looks to nature for inspiration towards designing social impact and building resilient leadership. Any post-covid world must reckon with building a better relationship with the natural world. So what can we learn from nature about change?


    All month:

    YOGA SESSIONS: Self-care as Part of Collective Care - with Giselle Rouvier

    Fridays, 4pm - 5pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

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    As changemakers it is part of our work to remember to replenish our own well so that we can fully show up with our gifts and be of service to the collective. We believe that without a practice of self-awareness and full presence we can't be held accountable as leaders. This is vital to transforming our world into a place where we prioritise collective care and well-being for all. In this session we focus on honoring, trusting, celebrating and meeting ourselves where - and how we are.


    Week 2: June 9 | 11am - 12:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    ROUNDTABLE: Nature of Change - What can we learn from nature about how to approach the post-Covid world? (Panel will feature Sharmishtha Dattagupta, Andres Roberts and Tariq Al-Olaimy. See their speaker profiles below.)

    Host: Roshan Paul,CEO, Amani Institute.

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    Week 4:

    June 21 | 1pm - 2pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    Impact Assessment 101: Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Rasikha Venkat

    in this 1-hour session, you can ask M&E expert Rasikha Venkat any anything (AMA) impact related - whether you want to take a course on it, whether you want to understand what tools to use, whether you want to understand how impact measurement works, etc. If you are experienced in the development sector or new to it, you can be sure to find strategic insights and tips.
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    June 23 | 2pm - 3:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    SKILL PILLS: How Nature can help us cope with disruption and design for resilience.'

    Instructor: Denise DeLuca, Co-Founder, BCI: Bio-mimicry for Creative Innovation and Director, Sustainable Design Program at Minneapolis College of Art and Design

    Amani Institute is partnering with SignAble Communications to make this even accessible through sign language interpretation.

    RSVP - limited seats

    Hosted by:

    Roshan Paul

    Amani Institute

    Co-Founder and CEO


    Sharmishtha Dattagupta

    Dana Coaching





    Tariq Al-Olaimy

    3BL Associates

    Co-Founder and Managing Director


    Giselle Rouvier

    Yoga Alliance

    Yoga Instructor

    Brazil / Spain

    Education and Policy Manager



    Thankfully, there has been an outpouring of support resources to take care of our individual well-being during this crisis. But what about organizational well-being? This month we explore what kind of 'inner work' organizations must do to successfully affect change in the outside world (see week 2 and 4). This inner work in organizations is best conducted through building organizational culture aligned with our values.


    Community Offers in July:

    From Yoga for self-care to using our women cycle more wisely to preparing your business for sustainability post-covid - choose from a variety of donation-based offers from our community which support is right for you and your team this month.


    All month:

    YOGA SESSIONS: Self-care as Part of Collective Care

    Instructor: Giselle Rouvier, Yoga Instructor

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    Week 1:
    July 2 | 2pm - 3pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    PANEL: Diversity and Inclusion - Practical Measures on Rethinking Business post Covid-19

    Guest speakers include Marina Badford, Sustainability Consultant from the UK, Yan Ragede, founder of From Afros to the World, and Amani Social Innovation Management Fellows, Giulia Pagliarini Lanzuolo, Selma Moreira and Akash Chander.

    Hosted by Jelizaveta Degtyareva co-creator of 4D Sustainability Canvas.

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    July 6 | 2pm - 3:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    WEBINAR: Working with the Feminine Cycle

    Instructor: Amalia Vazquez, Social Innovation Consultant, Nutritionist and Systemic Constellation Facilitator

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    Week 2: July 9 | 2pm - 3:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    ROUNDTABLE: Culture of Change -what does 'inner work' look like for organizations? (See speaker profiles below.)

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    Week 4: July 23 | 2pm - 3:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    SKILL PILLS: Designing a culture of innovation, leadership and alignment in your organization

    Instructor: Ilaina Rabbat, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Amani Institute

    RSVP here - limited seats.


    Host: Shehzia Lilani

    Amani Institute

    Country Director


    Reem Khouri


    Co-Founder and CEO


    Director Global Economy Program


    Webinar: Ilaina Rabbat

    Amani Institute

    Co-founder, Executive Director

    Spain / Argentina


    Everyone talks about the 'new normal' - but what does that really mean? What imaginative capacities can help us envision and shape a better 'normal' instead of merely reacting to it? What collaborative efforts allow a real 'new normal' to emerge while leveraging the many change efforts happening around the world? Where, in short, do we want the world to go?


    August 20 | 5pm - 6:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    ROUNDTABLE: Future of Change - Social fiction and Re-imagining a 'New Normal' (Speakers see below)

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    August 27 | 5pm - 6:30pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    SKILL PILLS: How 'social fiction' can build your ability to imagine - and shape - a better future

    Instructor: Geraldine Hepp, Global Community Director, Amani Institute

    RSVP - limited seats


    September 4 | 2pm - 2:00pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

    Special Session: 'How can we secure our kids' future?'

    In this session, School of Future, a social enterprise run by Amani Fellow Aditi Agrawal, helps educators, parents and children become aware of the future and ready to take on the 21st century.

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    Hosted by: Geraldine Hepp

    Amani Institute | EAST

    Global Community Director

    Co-founder EAST

    Germany / USA

    Edgard Gouveia Júnior

    LiveLab, Desafio 10x10 | BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Nexus Fellow

    Co-founder and Visionary | Fellow

    Singer-songwriter | Co-Founder

    Simon Cohen

    Mr Simon Cohen

    Public Speaker, Peace Activist, Entrepreneur

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